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40Ah Sinopoly Battery

40Ah Sinopoly Battery

Sinopoly Battery is a high power LiFePO4 Battery produced by Sinopoly Battery Limited.there are 2 facoties located in Liaoyang and Tianjian.
Liaoyang factory mainly produce 40Ah, 60Ah and 200Ah Sinopoly battery cells, Tianjin Factory mainly produce 100AH Battery

40Ah Sinopoly BatterySinopoly Battery 40AH Dimension

Sinopoly battery in business of research and production of 40AH,60AH,100AH and 200AH large capacity LiFePO4 battery cells, 
design and integration of electric energy storage systems, technical consultation and services. Sinopoly batteries are widely used 
in transportation, power, industrial, communication and other fields. The group has world-class lithium battery production bases, 
institute for technology innovation and center of engineering and technology. Sinopoly has obtained more than 70 patents, various 
quality management system certifications (such as ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949) and product quality certifications (such as PONY, 
UN38.3, ROHS, CE, UL, QC / T743-2006).Sinopoly battery are popular in United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, United States, Australia, 
New Zealand, Malaysia and other international markets.
With big investment in research in lithium technology, Sinopoly become a top 
leader in LiFePO4 battery industry and pioneer of innovator.

Item specification Remark

Product Model SP-LFP-60AHA(A)

Nominal Capacity 60Ah

Nominal Voltage 3.2V

Weight 2.0Kg0.1Kg

Internal Impedance 0.8m AC1kHz

Cycle Life 5000Times 80%DOD

Self-discharge rate 5% 25, 1 month

Height 1841mm

Dimension Width 1161mm

Thickness 610.5mm

Standard Current 20A CC&CV


Max. Current 120A 2C

Limited Voltage 3.65V

Cut-off Current 1.2A 0.02C

Standard Current 20A

Discharge Max. Current 180A 3C

Cut-off Voltage 2.5V

Operation Temperature

Charge 045

Discharge -2055

Storage Temperature -10~45

Storage Humidity 25%~85% RH

                              12V 200Ah Sinopoly Battery