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Battery Management System

Battery Management System
Lithium battery pack normally includes hundreds battery cells in series and paralled. its important to make sure every cells work in good condition.its necessary to installed battery management system to prevent battery cells from over charging and discharging.the battery management system will cut of charging when voltage of battery cell reach the max charging voltage to prevent the cells are over charged.the battery management system will cut off discharging when voltage of the battery cells to prevent over charged. its the main funcation of battery management system.
The main functions of battery management system are as following: 

1. SOC estimation: use Joint EKF algorithm to estimate SOC of battery pack dynamically.Current detection: carry out real-time detection of current in charging and discharging through Hall current sensor. 
2. Communication function: externally installed 3 CAN interfaces, which can be used to communicate with BMU, complete vehicle controller and charger and so on to exchange voltage, temperature, fault code, control command and other information. 
3. Alarm and protection: when there is fault as over-charge, over-discharge and so on, BCU can perform the corresponding alarm and protection according to fault status and display it on LCD. 
4. System expanding: BCU supports multiple channels of active/passive node output and can realize two-level control management through CAN communication and relay to ensure effective isolation of strong and weak current and meet diversified safety control demands of customers. 
5. Data storage: support 8G data storage capacity and can record all performance parameters of long-term operation of power battery pack and dispatching and fault events of battery module. 
6. System self-check: the system checks itself and BMU working status after power on to ensure normal working of system. 
7. Remote management: BCU is equipped with wireless communication interface, which can realize four-remote function through external DTU module. 
8. System upgrade: program downloading interface is installed externally, which can be used to upgrade system within 30 seconds.
Battery Management Systemdrawing of battery management system

Battery Management System is helps lithium battery pack improve performance and make sure battery pack works in right condition.

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