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What is the Advantage of The Forklift Lithium Battery than Lead Acid battery

What is the Advantage of The Forklift Lithium Battery than Lead Acid battery?

The lithium-ion forklift battery is poised to revolutionize the materials handling industry. And when you compare the pros and
cons of the lithium battery vs. lead-acid battery for powering your forklift or fleet of lift trucks, it is easy to understand why.

First, you can save your costs. Although lithium-ion forklift batteries are much more expensive than lead-acid batteries, they
typically last 2-3 times longer than lead-acid batteries and can save you a lot of money in other areas, ensuring that your total
cost of ownership is greatly reduced.

Secondly, the forklift lithium batteries are safer and pollution-free than lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries are cheap, but
they need to be replaced almost every year and polluting the environment. And lead-acid batteries themselves are more
polluting than lithium batteries. If you keep changing, it will always cause damage to the environment.

Using a forklift lithium battery also saves space and does not require a battery charging room. The lead-acid batteries need a
safety and ventilation space for charging. Most companies that run multiple forklifts powered by lead-acid batteries handle the
time-consuming recharging tasks by dedicating some of their valuable warehouse space to a separate, well-ventilated battery
room. And the forklift lithium battery is smaller than the lead-acid. 

Save charging time, 1-3 hour quick charging mode is suitable for multi-shift work, save battery replacement time and avoid
safety risk.

Forklift Lithium Battery Pack

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