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180AH CALB Battery to Australia

180AH CALB LiFePO4 Battery to Australia

We deliver 60pcs 180AH CALB LiFePO4 Battery cells by sea from Shenzhen to Melbourne port for Australia market. They are CA180 LiFePO4 Battery cells.CA180 LiFePO4 Battery cells are produced in 5# factory of CALB located in Luoyang. they are very popular in overseas market and energy storage industrial. CA180 is the only LiFePO4 battery cell with capacity of 180 Ampere hour. At this moment, we have thousands of CA180 CALB Battery in stock on sales,we are a leading supplier of CALB battery for Australia market
180AH CALB Battery Australia180AH CALB LiFePO4 Battery Australia in stock

High Energy Density 125Ah LiFePO4 Battery cell